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I had gone away on a cruise about a month ago and decided to try parasailing for the first time. I was really excited and really wanted to take my camera up with me in order to take some pics from up in the sky. The sky wasn't the enemy here but the waves that our jetski crashed into on the way to the speed boat were. Needless to say my camera got wet and almost immideatly went dead. I took out the battery and dried the camera for a few days. While on board the cruise ship i checked it a few times for possile improvements and there were some but to cut to the chase, when i got back home I took out my tools, opened up the camera and gave it a thorough cleaning. Some of the contact had corrosion on them which came of farly easily. After all the cleaning my camera is left in this state. Everything works. Picture review, picture taking, menus, sounds, all the seperate modes. BUT the picture taking part is with a twist. It's almost as though the sensor was overexposed to light and is now in a much weaker mode because the only things that it now picks up are things that are really bright. Like if I point it straigh at a turned on lamp it will pick that up but nothing around it, not even if the flash illuminates everything. I rememer hearing that you coud damage the sensor if you keep the lense open straight at the sun or something bright for too long. That didn't happen here but I did open the camera case and I'm wondering if I have over exposed it to light. The question is can I somehow reset it's sensitivity or I guess replace it all together?
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