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My brand new SD450 was having a problem. Some of the images (maybe 1 in 5) were coming out with the imaging being split into several sections, with each section usually slightly shifted to the right or left a little bit, and with each having a slightly different color/exposure. See the attached picture as an example. It has 4 sections, with only the bottom being shifted (to the right a little bit, notice the piece at the end of the right side that is now on the beginning of the left side).

I opened a case with Canon tech support and they told me to send the camera in. Before I did so, the camera also developed the E18 problem.

When I got the camera back, the E18 problem was fixed, but the image problem was not. If anything it was worse.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to send the camera back to Canon since I was leaving for a 3 week trip to Southeast Asia. I had to fight this problem the whole way and missed many once-in-a-lifetime shots. Needless to say, I am furious with Canon at this point and can never see myself buying another product from them.

Does anyone know what is happening with these pictures? I saved many of the bad ones and would like to know if there is anyway to recover them. Sometimes, when I move back and forth between photos in the camera, they either fix themselves on the LCD, or at least shift the bad spots around somewhat, so that gives me some hope.

These shots happen in all circumstances. Outside in the day, inside, on auto, on manual with different ISOs, when I am positive than the focus has locked, when maybe it hasn't, etc. It does seem to happen in some shots more than others (I have to take 3+ shots to get 1 good one), but I don't know why.

Movies shoot fine (I was shooting in 320x240 at 15 FPS), but when playing back on the camera itself, sometimes die before they get to the end. They always seem to playback correctly on my PC.

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Try the small memory card that came with the camera. If you don't have a problem with that I would say your memory card is probably bad. If you still have the problem with the card that came with the camera you probably have to send it back for service again. I would guess Canon tech support suggested you try that though.

You might try something like this for the damaged images: http://www.officerecovery.com/pixrecovery/index.htm I don't know if there is any freeware that will fix damaged JPG files already on the computer – someone might know of one.

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Yes, forgot to mention that. I already had tried the small memory card that came with the camera, with the same results.

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