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Hi friends, anyone can help me?

Between SD630 and SD600 the difference is the screen and it isn't a problem for me.

I want to buy SD630orSD550.

The differences that I can see

SD 630 90.3×56.8×20.2 mm 145 g
SD 550 89.5×57.0×27.4 mm 170 g

Better SD 630

In the rest the cameras seems be similar, altough

SD 630 can make photos 16:9 and has 800 ISO, but my question is: Have the two cameras the same definition on the photos? If the answer is YES I would choose SD 630.

Anyone has tested the two?

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I am a little sad at this point to say that I would steer away from either of these. I own the SD550 and SD600 and after some testing will go back to my Casio EX Z750.
I think the SD600 is the same as the SD630 except for the screen size.

Here is why:


Great definition and color fidelity
Spring battery cover feels solid

Image softness at the corners with flash.
Size and weight greater than the other 2 cameras while battery life is shortest.


Smallest and lightest of all cameras.
Great daytime pics and high ISO.
Better LCD
Better menus and controls. (personal)

Horrible softness at the edge with Flash. and I mean horrible!!
Only 160pics battery time
Battery cover feels lousy and easy to break.

Now back to the Casio I bought last year... too bad there is no waterproof housing otherwise I would not have tried the Canons. I was a big canon fan before.


Size and weight better the SD550
LCD is flushed so it does not trap dirt
Feels faster to turn on and off than the canons
Great picture quality.
Manual controls
amazing battery life
No corner softness. I have proof of that taking pictures with all 3 cameras.

Menus a little more complex than canon. Not as intuitive.
No waterproof housing
report of lense errors which I never had.

Hope it helped you in your decision. If I was to pick between the 2 you mentionned, I'd go with the SD550. The newer models have a horrible flash. But again I would go with Casio. The new Z850 may even be better.
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Old May 2, 2006, 4:48 AM   #3
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rafalexp, is there any way you could post the same pic with the three cameras?

Preferably an indoor shot showing the range of the flash? It would be great if you could as I am deciding between these camera's aswell!

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Old May 5, 2006, 5:28 PM   #4
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I own a DSLR (D70), and am also looking to buy a compact digital camera for those occasion where I am not carrying my DSLR. Image quality and a good LCD are the most important features I am looking for in a compact camera. I compared the Casio Z750, Nikon S6 and Canon SD630. I would go for the Canon SD630, except that the collage images on the Steve's Digicams review sample page turns me away from that SD630.Comparing the images (img_0002.jpg) of the collage shots taken with the Canon SD550 and the Cannon SD630 I found that the Canon SD550 Image to be much sharper all over, but in particular on the edges of the picture. On the right side of the picture in the monkey image and the weather station dials the sharpness is extremely noticeable. As far as I can tell both cameras use the same lens. It is hard to believe that the sensor difference (7.3 MB for the SD550 and 6 MB for the SD630) should make that much of a difference.I also looked at the same image taken by the Nikon S6 (with a 6MB sensor). Although that camera has noticeable corner softness, as exemplified in another sample image, its image of the collage (DSCN0007.jpg) is also sharper than the SD630 image, including the corners where the S6 is not at its best.I would go for the Canon SD630, except that the collage image turns me away from this camera.
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Old May 6, 2006, 6:17 AM   #5
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I will buy SD630 in two weeks because prices in spain are taking down. All the sites say that it's an excellent cam (for example forum dpreview) with great shots.
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Old May 6, 2006, 11:14 PM   #6
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you can get this Canon Powershot SD550 free from this website, http://digitalcameras.freepay.com/?r=29243846 . just sign up on and complete and offer
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Old May 7, 2006, 5:19 AM   #7
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both camera are almost identical but sd550 's housing is much nicer to hold. On the sd630/sd600 demo unit I tried on the upper right corner of the lcd is full of fingerprints, Not a good design.
Also, more importantly when buying digicam, I would pick a larger CCD 1/1.8 over 1/2.5 in any time(from among the current model). So I would definitely pick SD550.
NB: I owned SD550. in general I am very satisfied with the sharpness and saturation. It produces very natural pictures. The other poster was suggesting casio z750 but I found the sample pictures too artifical because of teh extreme saturation. Look at the green, blue and red. Pictures taken by Canon digicams have also been over saturated a bit. but pictures taken by casio z750 are way too much.
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