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Just how important is the type II compared to the regular SD card? I'm preparing to purchase a Canon A700. Thanks for the input.
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The type 2 being a faster card is the type of card that is recomended in cameras that have a fast 30FPS video mode and a faster buffer etc. I myself buy KIngmax Platinum cards which are more than fast enough and cheaper than Ultra 2
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Old Apr 21, 2006, 7:53 AM   #3
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I've never had issues with video (max settings) on a normal SanDisk and Toshiba SD card... the only time I've run into slow issues with regular SD is in "machinegun" mode... hold the button down and take shot after shot, I often get 'busy' messages after 8 or so shots, but when using a Ultra II card, I never get those...

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Old Jul 25, 2006, 1:04 PM   #4
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I own a standard Sandisk card and a Transcend, socalled 80x - using the A700 with these two there is hardly any difference. Can't notice anything in movie mode (30/full res.), only a slight delay for every 15-20 shot (full resolution) in machinegun mode (maybe half a second) with the Sandisk.
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Well I use both a standard 512 MB Sandisk card, and a 2.0GB ATP card (supposedly 22.5MB/s).

While the ATP is faster, it is not nearly 22.5MB/s, that being said, I wouldn't trust ATP. I would recommend a Type II (high speed) card from Sandisk, that will pretty much leave you wanting nothing.
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