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CragRat Jun 4, 2006 2:59 PM

Hello all,this is my first post on hereand im looking for a large zoom camera so be please be gentle with me.

I spent quite some time trying to decide between the above camera's,after trawling through many threads im more confused andundecided than ever.

Seems people mention soft images on the Canon quite alot as a downside,butare there any upsides to soft images and vice versa with the Sony being complimented on sharpness,what are the downs of sharpness.

I have only ever been a point and shoot user with my Minolta f100 ofwhich i have no complaints with.But i find myself wanting something with more creativity but still good for point and shoot.One of my main priorities would be to get the colours thati see to be reproduced on the picture.And simply the best allround camera for my money.Lots of folk seem to have several camera's which is great but i can't afford that luxury and need to make the right choice first time.

All help and advice would be much apprieciated.


mchnz Jun 6, 2006 6:48 PM

Which camera to buy is not a clear cut decision.

Perhaps read some of the other recent S3 threads and read this review:

And look at the full sized samples in the review.

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