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Hello and thanks forthis friendly and informative forum. I enjoy learning from what all of you have to say! I will be making my first digital camera purchase soon--probably the Canon G6 after reading Steve's reviews (thanks Steve). I have a Nikon slr system and have always used filters on my lenses for protection. Should I purchase the 58mm filter to protect the G6 lens? Do you have to leave the lens ring off to use the lens filter? Is the lens protected in any other way when the camera is off/on? Thanks in advance for your time and info.

John (Little Rhode Island) :idea:
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On my Nikon 4500 i always had a filter attached to the lens. On the new G6 you need to have a filter adapter attached to the cam to use a filter. There are pics of the g6 with the adapter at the dpreview site, looks pretty cool if you ask me

The filter adapter is quite cheap. But it gives the cam a bit more bulk. I certanly plan to have a filter adapter with filter attaced to the camera at all times then i buy it.
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Using a UV filter at least at all times, protects the lens from dust and fingerprints, and the lens barrel from harm as well. Yes, a ring is removed for an adapter to be attached to the lens barrel base. As someone else has mentioned, it does add some bulk to the camera, but to me at least, it's worth the protection.

I just wish camera makers in general would do a better job of making their adapter colors match the camera bodies they're designed for, for a cleaner look.


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