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KyoceraM400 Sep 23, 2007 1:38 AM

For example, strap on shoulder and walk until next post.. maybe 10 mins try to
shoot, the LED display is on, but all the controls buttons are gone.

Switching off/on power won't help because the LED still holds its displays.

I must remove/reinsert battery..

My camera is 2+ years old with 30K shutter count. :?

JimC Sep 23, 2007 7:14 AM

Try a different battery and memory card if you have them to make sure one of them isn't causing a problem. Also remount the lens in case it's not making a good connection (or try a different lens). Use all dials, switches and buttons in case one in sticking or has a bit of oxidation under it.

Clean battery contacts in case they're becoming a bit oxidized if none of the above fixes it.

It sounds like it's more likely an electrical issue (and a bit of oxidation on contacts would be my best guess). But, it could be almost anything (loose connection inside, component failing after heating up more, etc.).

You may want to consider a new camera versus sending to Canon for repair if it's not something really simple, given that you already 30,000 actuations and the camera's mechanical parts are also starting to wear a bit (since this camera is down to around $450 new or under $400 used now).

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