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gbenoni Sep 2, 2002 5:34 PM

35mm vs. Digital
Can someone tell me what the advantages of shooting Digital vs. Analog with regards to Quality...? ie, using a 4.0mpixel camera vs. scanning a 35mm negative on a 2400 dpi scanner? I have been told in the past that digital accomplishes better shots in shadows.

A couple other points:

35mm shots are instantaneous, but from what I've read about Digital Cameras the image save times can be in and around several seconds.

Costs of Digital Cameras seem to be several times higher than Analog counterparts.

I own a PowerShot S10 which has done me well, although I'm debating whether or not I should spend extra $ at this time for a new digital camera or just continue with Analog for now until prices come down further.

What is happening on the professional photography front? I'm assuming people aren't chucking their analog cameras just yet ... But is that because of force of habit, or lagitimate reasons?

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