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Looking at the Canon S5 specs, I see that it only features the face detect, flexzone, and 1 point (fixed to center) AF. I'm still thinking about getting this camera, but my Canon A630 has 9 point AF and I tend to allow the camera to use this to pick multiple points so that the entire image will all be in focus - this would be for scenic shots and most shots I take. My question is this - can a 1 point AF allow the entire image to still be in focus or is 9 point AF better at getting focus?

For instance, if I'm taking interior architecture photos and I really want all the DOF to be as sharply in focus as possible so that all elements of the architecture (both close and far) are in focus - can this still occur when using a 1 point AF as opposed to a 9 point? I'm still learning about so much of this but with my A630 I can see how its 9 point AF will select multiple objects close and far - so I assume it's giving me better focus within the DOF.

Whereas, my thinking it that a 1 point AF will only give you focus across a single plane within a DOF - am I thinking wrongly on this?
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DOF or Depth of Field is really a product or function of aperture. The more the aperture is made smaller (becomes a larger number numerically) the greater the depth of field. That is why most architectural photographers use tripods to steady their cameras when using a very small aperture and a slow shutter speed.

The number of focus points are important in sports photography, where you want the focus process to be over as soon as possible. Face detection which is part of the Digic III processor, is important to the photographer taking group photos.

Sarah Joyce
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