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1 - Has Canon done anything to eliminate the E-18 problem in the A-95 over the earlier A models? I haven't seen as much discussion or griping about it in the 95.

2. Does the 95 have more red-eye problems than the others? Why would that be?

3. Is the purple really noticible in evereyday use, or juist in lens/lcd tests?

Many thanks!!
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The only question I can take a stab at with my limited experience with the A95is purple fringing. Yes it is there in some shots but only because I'm looking for it. The native size of 5 megapixel pictures is so huge that when you shrink it down to photo size you would be hard pressed to see it. Also you really have to zoom in on the native picture to see the purple fringing. So if you plan on looking at pictures through a magnifying glass I would suggest you are looking at the wrong camera. Otherwise for a compact point & shoot camera it performs just fine. I suppose there are certain extreme situations which may exagerate the effect but I have gone out of my way to find the purple fringing effect and it hasn't shown up significantly for me, and many people consider me fussy about details.

From what I have read and tried to understand all digital cameras will suffer from this effect, even with the most expensive lenses and CCD sensor designs,though hopefully to a lesser extent.

Hope this helps.
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