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I've had the Canon A720 for 15 months, and loved it, but the tiny plastic grip that holds the battery compartment has broken so it wont stay shut - and i can't get a quote from Canon about how much it would cost to repair unless i send it them (for them to keep hold of for up to 6 weeks i was told!).

If i do send it to be fixed (and rather than money be no object it certainly is for me unfortunately!) i would like to have another camera already, so have been looking into 2 other Canons.

Which do you guys think takes the better clearer sharpest pictures of these 2?

The 6 zoom A2000 IS, or the 10 zoom SX110 IS?

I've read plenty of reviews, on steve's pages and also many others, some say they are just like the A720 but without a view finder and no stitch assist. Others say you lose control of the TV and AV options (i mainly use mine on "P" and also "TV") and many other changes for the worse.

Ideally if i'm going to own 2 cameras long term, i'd upgrade one to be 10 zoom rather than owntwo 6zooms... but if the image quality and variety of the SX110 is worse than the A2000 i should leave it.

I just don't really know what to do. I'm always very careful with my equipment and am pretty upset the plasticcatch cracked off on my A720 - they really should use something stronger than a 1mm strip that once it goes you've had it! I reckon it'll cost a lot to fix as it's moulded to all of the inside compartment, rather than attached to it.

High street shops here are selling the A2000 for £150 and the SX110 for £230 btw. I kind of need to hang on for a canon cashback offer! But need to make a quickish decision aboutwhether to be cameraless for 6 weeks to have my other one fixed (i can use it, but only if i struggle to hold the weighty compartment shut with my finger under the camera while trying to take a picture..) Or, to get in some debt and buy a new one first instead of waiting til the offers come up. But which one of the A2000 or SX110? I'museless at making choices at the best of times, so any pointers appreciated!

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I thought this was a busy forum so someone may help.. but i guess no one has any of the 3 camera's i mentioned or has any opinion.. ack well, sorry for asking! :-)

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I also own a Canon A720is and I love it. I've gotten used to using its manual, aperture priority and shutter priority modes and I wouldn't buy a camera without them.

The SX110is not only has all the manual exposure modes the A720is has, it also has a long 10x optical zoom. The A2000is is probably good but it's a fully auto camera - no manual exposure modes. For me it would be an easy decision - the SX110is.
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