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Default A300 or A70 or...??

Hey y'all. For quite some time I've been interested in getting some sort of new camera to snap some pictures with but I'm stumped on what kind to go after. When I first saw the Powershot A300, I thought for sure that it was for me (poor college student...) at only $200 for a 3 MP camera, but the lack of optical zoom made me skeptical. On the other hand, the A70 looks like a really nice package with optical zoom, but it clocks in at almost $100 more.

I suppose my question is how much I would notice the difference in picture quality between the two and how much that extra $100 would get me. My main concern is just to take pictures for the moment, I'm not QUITE to the point where I'm going to try to become a super serious photographer.

Thanks all for your help, it's much appreciated, ta-ta!!

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The a70 is a definite step up over the a300. For the extra hundred you get a zoom and all sorts of other features. Just remember, if u get the a300 and do get into photography you'll want to upgrade much sooner than if you had got the a70. I personally would go with the a70.
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Default A60 is still a great camera!

Hi, if you are concerned about the money, don't leave out the A60, it offers all the features of the A70, without the VGA movie and just 2 MP instead of 3.2 Mp, but more then good enough for the average point and shoot moments, and great value!
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I bought my A70 online for $265. I pack quite a bit of camera into that price. VGA movies w/ sound, Photo Stitching ( for pamaramic or 360 pics), Sequencial pictures, Completely auto or completely manual or even half and half. If you want to purchase one camera, and be done with it go for the A70. Don't forget to add the cost of a 256MB card to your plans. Sam's Club has one for under $60.
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My interest list is now as follows:
canon a70 fast, good pictures indoors
canon a300 fast, good pictures indoors, no zoom, cheap
nikon 3100
nikon 885 with the very expensive nikon battery
hp 735 with the very expensive sd-card (in my home stores)
__________and eats batterys, cheap (when memory isnt included)

Any comment?

Isnt a60 2MPix?

Right now Im trying to understand how important/price
the zoom function is. Is it possible to be without?

I'm also waiting for a test of HP photosmart 735, to see
if its more than plastic since it's so cheap. It has optics from
pentax so it shouldn't be too bad.
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Go to the DPReview website and do a side-by-side comparo... it'll give you a good idea how each camera stacks up.

The URL is:


I didn't check to see if all of the cams you mentioned are in the list bu I'm sure some/most of them are

BTW, ther are other differences between the A60/A70 besides the 2/3.2 Mpixel CCD.

From experience (also coming from the SLR arena) the A70 packs a lot of punch for the $$ and IMHO is one of the best bargains on the market in the 3.2 Mpixel range.
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