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kkwan Sep 19, 2003 12:38 AM

A300 - Long write times
I'm having a peculiar problem (I believe) with the A300 that I just bought. When I have the LCD screen on and I snap a picture it takes about 8-10 seconds for it to save the picture (flashing orange indicator). However when I have the LCD screen off and take a picture it flashes for a couple seconds and I can take another picture. I also tried the video and that saves fast as well so I don't think it is a buffer problem.

I used both the provided 16mb CF and a Viking 256 mb CF card and 2000mah Powerizer NiMH batteries fully charged.

Has anyone experience this? If not how long are you usually seeing your pictures save when you have the LCD on?

I hope I didn't get a lemon.

Thanks in advance.

A300 Oct 12, 2003 4:08 PM

It's not a problem that's what you think. The manual has also mention about it.

Try do not use the flash and you will be fine.

Anyway you don't need to shoot with LCD on, doing that it's will run out your batteries very fast. Because the Canon Powershoot A300 use only 2 batteries.

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