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underwood Jan 7, 2003 11:43 PM

A40 vs S200
Need help. Definitely want either the a40 or s200. Is the s200's lithium battery a better go? Or does the a40's 1 more x of zoom make a difference?? I know the s200 is smaller, this isn;t a huge concern. What about picture quality? The cameras look identical otherwise.... any info would help!! Thanks!!

web_maven Jan 9, 2003 12:45 PM

As for camera size you will find that the smaller cameras suffer from hand shake. I used one of the digital elfs and many pictures came out blurry. I am sure thats why you don't have the extra zoom. They are still good cameras. As for the battery the lithium battery in the s200 are good but you will need to buy and extra which cost about $40.00+ (I am not sure) the A40 uses 4AA alkline or NiMH batteries and they last a long time. I got the A40 and just using the high powered alkline batteries I was able to take about 100+ pictures and reviewed them several times all with the LCD on. I bought a 1hr charger and got 1700mAh NiMH batteries and I could leave the batteries in the camera for a month taking over 300+ pictures, video clips and reviewing with flash and LCD on. They just came out the the 1850mAh (

I look at it this way if I am on vacation and my NiMH batteries run out I can go to the local store (any where in the world) and get 4 AA batteries that will last the rest of the day. If you use the lithium battery if you don't have a backup or you use up both that's it your day is over. NiMH batteries are much cheaper too.

Good Luck

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