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hi there!
well after so many research i decided to buy A510 as my first digital camera.
just some questions:
1-how exactly is the shutter lag-very important for me-that being say it even reach 5 sec?-do i have to say "stay still for a moment alot"!
2-i heard something about error e18 or eX here and there what do you think.
3-what sd do you recommend-does it's speed affect the recucle time and general performance?

any responses are highly appreciated.
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1) I don't have experience with the A510, but Canon is better than most at reducing shutter-lag(SL). I would guess the A510 has respectable SL. To help minimize SL here are some things you can do; (a) always pre-focus and pre-expose, by only pressing the shutter release button down halfway. Then frame you subject and snap the picture. (b) use the view finder as opposed to the LCD screen, and (c)the faster the memory card, usually the better the performance.

2) Can't speak to that topic.

3) I'm using a 1 gig San Disk Extreme II SD card in my Canon SD500. It is very fast (I think about 60x) and does help to reduce shutter-lag and recycle time.

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The A510's shutter lag is only average (0.80-0.87s) according to imaging-resource (http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/A510/A51DATA.HTM). The SD500's for instance is almost twice as fast (0.46) as it uses the newer Digic II processor. http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...0/SD50DATA.HTM

Canons are reliable cameras (rated in the top three brands by Consumer Reports, PC Magazine and PC World for reliability). Don't worry about the errors a few people have reported. Remember that there are millions of these cameras sold, so of course there will be some problems.

The flash memory card speed may improve replay times, burst mode intervals and download speeds, but will in no way affect shutter lag, as that happens before the card gets utilized. Most of the lower-end cameras don't come close to utilizing the speed offered by the faster memory cards.

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Thank you guys,
nice help
well i think i'll go buy it!
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