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03_fjr Nov 25, 2005 9:32 AM

On a tight budget, is the A610 that much better than the A520 other than megapixel? I am reading alot of reviews where Cannon is junk but I own one and happen to like them. Looking for the best for under 250.00 total. Please advise. Thanks.

lockheed Nov 27, 2005 7:29 AM

Yes. In fact, i was on the same situation as you are right now but it was on the A510. Majorreasons why I chose the A610 :faster shutter speed at1/2500, can record movies (while making zoom) at lengths depending on your memory card, continues shooting at 2.4 fps, 20 preprogrammed settings, macro setting at 1cm.

I've been actually reading reviews on allbrands and modelsfor several months and came to make my owncriteria (which the A610 perfectly met!). If you're really tight on the budget, then settle for A510 or A75. You can also check Olympus C55 (sports zoom - 5X optical).

orion999 Nov 27, 2005 10:49 AM

IMO grab A610 as you could, it is too many improvement from A520. Some are talking about A610 at US239 - 250 pricing on dpreview canon talk forum. Check them out.


bajasurf Dec 1, 2005 7:00 PM

Hi, I think you will get some great information concerning the A510 and A520 if you will go to: Once at his site click on the "how to". Then read " Holiday Camera Recommendations."

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