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I purchased this cam because of the lens adapter so I could transfer my slides to digital format.

The Opteka dupper comes with a 10x magnifier, so I expected to see a full frame display at the 'normal' zoom setting like I did with my old 35mm cam and dupper. WRONG! I must zoom all the way to the digital wall before the slide becomes full frame. As a result, the pic tends to graininess and darkness.

I tried the different 'adapter' settings available in the cam menu, but saw no difference in what the lcd shows. Should there be a difference, or do I have a bad cam???
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I don't know what the dupper or the lens adapter look like, but my guess is that the dupper is further away from the lens (when not extended/zoomed in) than it was on your 35mm setup. Is that correct? That would explain why you have to zoom in, because the adapters are usually built so that they are far enough away not to let the lens hit something when it extends. Also, are you using digital zoom? Otherwise there shouldn't be that much degradation of the picture quality. My guess is that if you got a adapter which keeps the dupper closer to the lens when it's not extended you would get better results, but you may have to make your own or manipulate the one you have somehow...
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