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dldecker Apr 10, 2007 2:42 PM

I have a new Canon A570IS camera. How do I get good pictures of volleyball players in an indoor ceiled-lighted sports arena with no natural lighting? I set the camera to ISO1600, shutter speed to 1/100, and aperture to f/2.5 which should be sufficient to stop player action in a dimly lite setting. Problem is that when I go into Telephoto mode because I am sitting in the grand stands, the camera aperture automatically closes down variant on how much telephoto I use. Modest telephoto (X3) closes it to f/4.5. This usually makes the pictures too dark. Does anyone have a suggestion for this problem other than not to use the telephoto settings? I wonder if such a camera action can somehow be over-ridden, but if so I haven't found out how.

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