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With my new Powershot A610 despite holding the camera fairly stable my images mostly come out blurry. The times when it isnt blurry the shots look great. How the heck can i get a stable looking shot. Is this why newer cameras come with IS? I figure with A610's fast shutter speed that it would capture any image without the blur thus not requiring image stabilization.

I'm not a professional and so was hoping to use the AUTO mode (many times with the Flash Off) but if there are settings to capture with less chance of blur then I'm all for it. I'm still reading up on all this camera technobabble but i did try switching to Tv mode but all shots come out black regardless of switching the shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/2500.


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Have you tried using a tripod or placing the camera on a stable surface with the self-timer to see if it is all motion blurr?
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Welcome to photography. The three elements you need to understand are shutter speed, lens speed (aperture), and "film" speed (ISO). These three legs of exposure are the basic elements to control your outcome.

You discussed changing just shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/2500, which is basically from a short time to an extremely short time. Your shutter needs to be opened long enough for light to be captured for the "correct" amount of time. If your LCD screen and or the picture ends up black, that means you did not expose the image sensor (the "film") to light long enough.

You should experiment by selecting the M mode on the top dial. Then you can have control over all three elements. The +/- or Exposure button (item 12 on page 14 of your Advanced User Guide) allows you to select either shutter speed or lens speed (aperture). The Function button (item 10 on page 14) will give you access to the ISO settings.

Look on page 44 to read about the M mode, and setting shutter speed and aperture. Read page 66 about setting ISO. Page 94 describes what it means when you see a small camera image with little lines under it appears on the LCD. This will be a red flashing icon in the lower right corner of your LCD. It means you don't have a fast enough shutter speed at the current settings for hand held shooting, and you need to adjust something to improve that. You need to press the shutter release half way to get this indication.

The general feeling is a shutter speed of 1/30 sec is usually going to give you a fast enough speed to hand hold your shot, if you are able to hold it steady enough. You could adjust the aperture to the widest opening, f/2.8, but then you most likely will need to increase the ISO (film speed sensitivity to light) to a higher value like 200 or 400 (the max value). If you do this and you still have a dark image on your LCD, then you would need to use a slower shutter speed, and probably need to use a tripod, or set the camera on a stable surface to take the picture.

This is basic photography, and a beginning of understanding how the three exposure elelments work together. Here's some more reading to help you, I hope.

This book is essential for you;


Here's an online disussion on shutter speed;


Here's one on exposure, but may be challenging, yet it's good to get your feet wet;


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I also suggest you start shooting away using Auto or Program (P mode) to get a feel of the settings the camera chooses automatically. In both modes the camera shows you the selected settings when you half press the shutter button. If there is not enough light the camera will tell you by showing the settings in red. Auto and Program work mostly the same except that Program allows you to manually select flash mode, manual focus, select ISO, select white balance and exposure compensation. I shoot moslty in Program.
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