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mcawthon Jan 5, 2006 12:30 PM

I recently purchased a Canon A610. I love the camera except for one problem. Areas of a photo that look white on the camera LCD look beige or dirty white when I download to ACDSee on my PC (I have an HP LCD monitor). I see the same problem when I print on my Canon I860 printer
(either from ACDSee or using direct print from the camera). Some of the photos also have a yellowish cast especially in people's faces. Even if I increase the brightness in ACDSee, the whites still don't look the same as on the camera LCD. I tried taking my memory card to Eckerds to get the photos developed and got the same problem. It happens mainly in indoor photos. I tried using Auto, Program mode, Indoor mode, flash and no flash. I also tried using the tungsten setting since that is my light source. None of these worked.

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