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Default A650 problem

From the beginning:

I had some problems with this camera and sent it in for repair to Canon back in July. It was out of warranty, so I had to pay $100 for them to fix it up.

About September time frame, I started getting occasional corrupted photo's.

Here is a sample corrupted photo with intact EXIF info:

I don't know why this happens. All photo's will look fine in the camera and they display fine in Windows Explorer thumbnail view.

BUT when I try to open a photo that is corrupted, some imaging applications will tell me that there is a problem with the photo and could not open it (GIMP, PhotoFiltre). Other applications will open the corrupted photo but will show a bar (usually gray), of varying width, across the photo (Polyview, Picassa, Faststone, Photoshop Elements).

The camera has been returned to Canon to repair this issue twice and is ready for the third time now. Canon is paying for S&H and not charging me for the (re)repairs. But it is frustrating to lose use of the camera for 2 weeks at a time and then get it back, take some test photo's and immediately see that the problem still exists. In each of the last 2 repairs for this problem, they indicated that they replaced the "Optical Assembly" (I understand that this is the lens). I suspect that their testing only involved seeing if the photo's looked correct on the camera LCD screen.

I've also tried formatting the SD card that I use and have also tried using other SD cards. But the problem continued to occur.

The photo's can't really be corrupted if I can see them on camera. Yet every image program I try has problems with the corrupted photo's. And why is Windows Explorer able to show a clean thumbnail? And why would only some photo's get corrupted and not every one?

Does anyone have any ideas that I can suggest to Canon to try and get this problem fixed once and for all?

Thanks in advance.

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The thumbnail is a separate image embedded inside of the larger JPEG file. So, it's very common to see a good thumbnail when the larger image is corrupted.

Chances are, you have something in your workflow causing memory card corruption.

One of the common causes of that is when users delete photos from a PC, and remove the card (or USB Attached cameras) without using the Safely Remove or Eject Features of their operating system. That's because the operating system may be caching writes to the card in memory (and when you delete images, you're writing to the card). So, when the card or camera is removed, some of the writes may have not been completed yet (causing corruption).

You'll often see a "Safely Remove" icon in your system tray for that purpose with some removable media, or if you don't, you should be able to "right click" on the icon for the media under "My Computer' and use the Eject menu choice there. That flushes any pending writes to the card so it can be safely removed.

I'd suggest that you reformat your cards prior to every reuse, using the camera's menu choice for format. I do that prior to *every* reuse with my cards, no exceptions. That insures that I always start out with a fresh File Allocation Table, just the way the camera expects it, since it's performing the format. Personally, I don't delete photos using a PC either (that way, I'm not risking any problems by trying to write to a card with one). It's usually just as fast (or faster) to reformat the card prior to each reuse using the Camera's menu choice for that purpose anyway.

I've also seen low batteries cause corruption issues. So, you may want to try different batteries in your camera in case a faulty battery is contributing to the corruption issues you're seeing. With your A650, I'd make sure to use fully charged, high capacity NiMH Batteries in it.
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