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kilik2003 Nov 1, 2003 3:02 PM

A70 and battery life problems
Hey all, Just got me A70 last week and i think it is a grreat lil camera.

Anyway my concern is about the battery life, I used the Panasonic Alkalines provided with the pack, with them I got to take around 20 -30 pics, using flash most times and LCD on always. I tried again with long life batteries and still the same problem. I cant seen to get the quoted 200-300 from Canon in their manual.

I've just bought some new 2100 Nimh batteries, I've used them with first charge and again I think I only got to take around 20-30 shots before it statred saying replace batteries.

is there a problem with my camera, or Im not sure.

I've read other similar posts, but some people had problems with there camera.

Please help all.

albau Nov 1, 2003 4:10 PM

Forget about alkalines. No digicam will last long on them. NiMh are the way to go. Few tips about using them:
  1. Brand new batts reach full capacity after several full charge/discharge cycles. That's why they didn't last long in your case. What charger do you use? Some like MAHA C204F have convinient discharge mode.
  2. I also get better charge if I leave batteries overnight on a trickle charge after they were fully charged.
  3. NiMh batts loose their charge at the rate round 1% per day even if not in use (biggest discharge happens right after you remove them from the charger). That'why before photo session you need to top them.
  4. Charger type is important. Dumb (usually cheap) chargers that lack trickle charge may overheat batteries resulting in their shorter life. Some chargers may not charge batts to their full potential capacity. In general MAHA chargers are considered to be the best. Look at Steve's review on this site.
  5. Battery brand is also very important. Some brands in real tests don't live up to their stated mAH capacity. Others loose charge too fast, etc. In general MAHA Powerex, Sanyo and RipVan100 Jetcell brands are considered to be the best. Again look at the excellent Battery Shootout article on the Imaging Resource site.
Majority of A70 professional reviews rate it as one of the longest lasting digicams on a set of NiMh batteries. My experience proves this. My A70 would last on average for 300-400 shots (heavy LCD usage and occasional flash) on a fresh set of Sanyo 2100 mAh batteries. That rate was achieved only after I subjected brand new batteries to several charge/discharge cycles in RipVan100 Lightning4000N fast travel charger. I also use MAHA C204F charger with good results.

kilik2003 Nov 1, 2003 4:32 PM

Cheers for the tips mate.

I am in the UK, so I use the popular brand over here called Uniross, they are good. I use their 2000 charger which is really good as batteries are charged within 1-2 hours. I use the batteries which came with the charger, which are 2100 ones, now you can get 2300 ones as well.

i charged them again today and I was taking shots non-stop I took over 70 and battery still wasnt low. Not bothered taking any more now so I have left it will carry on tomorrow.

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