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Old Apr 19, 2004, 2:28 AM   #1
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Default A70 better than S1 IS?

Does the A70 deliver better image-quality compared to S1 IS?
Its much cheaper, but it doesn't have 10x zoom and IS and such, so it should be a better camera, right?
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 7:16 AM   #2
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A camera which is cheaper, lacks 10x zoom and image stabilizer should be better? errr.. why?
Doesn't canons prices tell you the s1 is better?

Also the CCD on both the A70(atleast 75) and the s1 is 1/2.7 and both are 3.2mp.

On the other hand A80 could have better images with it's 1/1.8" CCD. But in that case you have to think about what you want and need.
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 8:13 AM   #3
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Well it has a normal zoom-range instead of the 10x on S1 which usually means some sort of trouble (chromatic abberation and such).
But sure, noise-levels seem to be about the same, probably cause same CCD-size as you said (haven't checked that out though but I guess it is the same)
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 8:31 AM   #4
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A75 - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/a75/IMG_0210.JPG
S1 - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/s1is/IMG_0209.JPG
I think the S1 image is just a little better.
A80 - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/a80/IMG_0016.JPG
Owns both.

S1 - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/s1is/IMG_0203.JPG
A80 - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/a80/IMG_0002.JPG
Quite much CA from the A80 even thought it's only 3x

I used http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/CDISPLAY.HTM earlier to check image quality. (use a real browser like firebird http://www.mozilla.org/ and it's tab functions.)

A80 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...S/A80DBAWB.HTM
c-750 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...S/C75DBAWB.HTM
750 wins

A80 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...ES/A80HMWB.HTM
750 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...ES/C75HDWB.HTM
750 wins imho

A80 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...RES/A80MAC.HTM
750 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...RES/C75MAC.HTM
750 totally owns the A80

A80 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD.../A80OUTAP1.HTM
750 - http://www.imaging-resource.com/PROD...75OUTLCAP2.HTM
I think the shirt (CA) and flowers (sharpness/color) looks better on the c-750, however, look at that hair. The c-750 image must be overprocessed or something because the 750 loses details but on the a80 you can see each straw.

I hope i did the right choice going with the c-765, but only time will tell (or an review and if it says the camera is bad i'll haet myself.

Price for the c-765 in sweden is around 3900, 3500 on technikdirekt. The huge difference is the memory cards, alfadigi wants 1480 sek for the 256mb xd-card, but technikdirekt wants 99 euro which is more like 900 sek and not that much worse than 570 sek or so for a sandisk ultra II cf-card.

I also compared the parking slot picture with A80 and C-750, i think the A80 picture was better, probably due to the larger CCD.
The bicycle picture from the c-750 - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/c750/P1010009.JPG
Don't see much CA problems there, do you?

I still would have prefered the Minolta dimage A1/A2 but price is an issue

Good luck and I hope you find something good.
The z2 might be good, i don't like the parking slot - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/z2/PICT0001.JPG that much from it, however bicycle and tele looks ok - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/z2/PICT0008.JPG http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/z2/PICT0002.JPG
The tree which made me skip it looks weird - http://www.cyberphoto.se/bildexempel/z2/PICT0010.JPG but that might be due to the lightning conditions and the noise is from using iso 200, so it might still be a good camera.

But if you compare tree picture from the Z2 with the C-760:
I would go with the 760 any day.
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 3:26 PM   #5
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First, you can NOT compare summer-pictures to winter-pictures....as well as sunny pictures to cloudy pictures.
Cyberphotos samples are just a small hint of what to expect from the camera, they are not ment for scientific comparison between cameras (although it works with two shots taken in the same conditions of course).

The Z1/Z2 takes really crappy pictues I think, I've seen lots of samples and they are all very soft, and of course a bit of C.A.
Also many complain about bad build-quality and rattling/loose lenses and that stupid internal mirror-technology for the EVF will certainly break sooner or later....stupid

I cant make up my mind, either A75 plus a teleconverter or maybe a C-765. The A75 hopefully takes a little better pictures, it has better wide-angle which is really good, it takes regular AA-batteries, it is smaller. The only thing better with C-765 as far as I know now is its larger zoom and better near-limit for macro.
If it had had the 30fps movie I would definitely go for the Olympus but now when its only 15fps it doesn't have that great advantage anymore

The price (C-765 compared to A75 with teleconverter) would be about the same so its mostly about quality, if the C-765 would take noticably better pictures than the A75 I might go for the larger Olympus instead.
Waiting for your samples/review
You know when its supposed to arrive to you?

I could never imagine buying a camera could be such a pain in the....
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 4:02 PM   #6
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1) True, not comparable.
2) Build quality is same thing with the c-765. I touched the c-740 at siba today, asked them if they knew when they would have c-760 or c-765, he checked the computer "no, they are not in stock", looked a little more and found the c-750, price? 6990 sek...
3) Does the A75 really takes better pictures than the a80? i doubt it, smaller ccd and all. I didn't knew it was wider, but it was true, 35mm instead of 38.
Regular AA-batteries and CF is good, yes. On the other hand it doesn't come with included charger and batteries and good AA-batteries costs some money. (not very much though, around 150 sek or so for 4).

One camera you could consider is this one, http://www.cyberphoto.se/index.php?h...sio/exp600.php
Quite expensive, but very fast, starts of at 33mm and got 4x canon lens. Got 6mp on a quite large CCD, it also have all the manual things the other cameras got. Personally i thought it was to expensive, but it might be worth it.
Or of course the dimage A1/A2 but they are very expensive. You could try to find a used A1 or eos d30.

Can the A75 + yet another lens really be better?
And no, I don't know when it will arive
"** Unfortunately the delivery time is unknown at the moment. **"
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 4:43 PM   #7
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Ok, thats sad, not knowing...hope it arrives soon

The Casio has a really crappy movie-mode of only 320x240 15fps (if I remember right) and I at least want a decent movie-mode so that is out of the question.

The C-765 is really extremely cheap for a 10x zoom, and its the most compact 10x zoom in the world, and it has new great displays and fast electronics and everything seems fine.....so come on, of course something must be a bit dissaopinting on it and what else can it be except picture quality???
So sure, I think the A75 might take as good pictures....if not the C-765 will be one hell of a camera for that price.

Lets hope it is...would be more convenient having it all in one camera, and no need for extra converters mounting and un-mounting all the time
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Hey, I just found out the C-770 isn't THAT expensive anyway.
Cause it has a 128MB card included in the price and that is around 5700kr.
Pretty ok I must say....I think my new nr1 is the C-770, lets hope it takes good pictures (I think the camera is exactly the same as C-765 except C-770 has great movie-mode) and it might be worth it.

I think I remembered wrong and thought it costed above 6000kr something but 5700kr it seems to be and 128MB included....thats about as high as I'm willing to go and if it just delivers the picture-quality.....
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Old Apr 19, 2004, 5:53 PM   #9
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Well, c-765 is 3500 sek and c-770 is 5200 sek from germany.

Price difference 1700 sek and the 256MB card was around 900kr, so you are paying around 1200 sek for the movie mode.
And yes, it got a 128MB memory card, but I would still have wanted a 256MB card aswell in that case and that would end up with over 6000 sek .

But if you compare the s1 for 4500 and the 770 for 5200 it might be worth it if picture quality is better AND you get mpeg4 aswell.

If only manufactures could say fsck memory cards and not bundle any, they are always at useless sizes anyway so WHY? Why not sell the c-770 at 4600 without memory card =P.

For photos I could probably have lived with 128MB only aswell.

c-765 + 128MB = 436 euro, 3 957 ~4000
c-765 + 256MB = 484 euro, 4 393 ~4400
c-777 / 128MB = 569 euro, 5 164 ~5150

800 sek extra for good movie mode but less memory, I dunno what I would go with in that case actually. But anyway, I'm unemployed and got no money so cheap is good.

I thought i should check out the space requirement:
"Filmen tar ca 300kB per sek i anspråk och har givetvis även ljud."
S1 IS film tar 2MB/s. Undra om cyberphoto har fått det om bakfoten eller inte, om inte betyder det 7min på ett 128MB kort och 14min och 15sek på ett 256MB kort och slutligen knappt timmen på 1GB.
S1 får in 8min och 40sek på 1GB.
Lite mer användbart då kanske, hum, men jag har ändå inte råd, tror jag. Om man inte övertygar någon om att det är ju kul att ha rörliga bilder på människor och djur innan dom dör o grejer.
Swedish olympus website: "Upp till minneskortets kapacitet. På ett 128MB xD-Picture Card är detta: 386 sek. vid 30 bilder/sek. i MPEG4 med en upplösning på 640 x 480 pixlar med ljud."
332kB/s mao. 386sek=6min o 26s.
(and that stuff with i would still have wanted a 256MB card, i suppose one more 128MB card would work aswell. 569+51 euro = 620 euro or 5627 sek.
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Old Apr 20, 2004, 9:29 AM   #10
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Read that norwegian review of the s1 is? Was very nice and informative http://www.digit.no/tester/evaluerin...=30907&cat=756

Not that i know if the c-765 af is faster than 0.5s wide, 1s tele and 1.5s max, and fails at 10lux wide and 30lux tele.

Technikdirekt have added all the accessories for the c-765 and c-770, i put some money on my account and gave them the scanned drivers license and creditcard today and got this response "We have received your documents. Your order will be arranged immediately. "

I hope that means they got it in stock and are sending it
I suppose a wide lens(WCON-07) wide be nice to have aswell.
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