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Default A70 Color Accuracy??

I've had my A70, first digital camera, for a week now and I've taken a bunch of shots in AUTO mode to see how the camera does. It doesn't seem to produce purple well at all. It comes out as a mild blue.

1) what's the best way to check the color accuracy?
2) is it just common that colors won't be quite right and need to be corrected with the software before printing?
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try going into P mode and playing around with the white balance, it can make a big difference.
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I don't have any problems with purple and my Canon A60.
Forget about the Auto-Mode.
I'm just using the P-Mode and Manual Mode. These are the best.
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I haven't had any problems either........
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I have the A70 and I can say that there is a problem with the auto WB.

I haven't noticed anything with purple or blues, but I do ge general color casts that shouldn't be there.

A few of them are explainable, IE photo of someone in the shade with a sunny background. Somehow the sunny background fools the sensor into thinking it's daylight. The result is blueish people.

Some are unexplainable.

One set of photos that stands out are about 10 that were taken during a sunset. Everything had a very strong bluish color hue. The people were not backlit.

Another set of photos that stands out are my beach photos. Every so often in broad daylight, the color temperature shifts a little to the left, IE, orange. I have one photo that is so orange, it just looks strange. I retook the shot about 5 seconds later and that shot came out fine. I don't think I changed the settings on the camera between shots, I am sure I did not change the WB. Perhaps the Auto WB needed more time to calc?

I really can't explain the problems I'm haveing. I think the Auto WB should be tied into the evalualtive metering, IE take 5 readings from the four corners and the center of the image and then calculate the WB. This would probably help with my first example. Of course, this would cost more money, but hey, someday, maybe it won't be that much extra.
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I must not have experienced this yet or I don't recognize it in my pics.
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I've had some trouble with my reds which I believe is a benchmark for a lot of cameras. They come out a little too orange. I've played around with the white balance and the exposure compensation but, they just seem off.

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