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TJS Aug 9, 2003 1:21 PM

A70 Price discount
FYI - I bought an A70 at Office Max this week for $300 which included a 128 CF card on a special that ends today (8/9/03) unless it is extended. This was a special that came with as a newspaper flyer for the Phoenix area - don't know if applies elsewere.

The CF card they gave me was listed at $70. I then noticed that they had the 256 card listed for $60 plus a $10 rebate - it normally lists for $100 (these are high speed 12x). So I went to the manager and asked about an exchange - he said, since it was a promotion the only way he could work it was to accept the 128 supplied card as a return for credit, without a reciept, so I was credited the $70 on an Office Max card, which I then used to buy the 256 card for the $60 and got $10 left on the card, plus a $10 rebate coupon.

So what I ended up with was an A70 + 256 card for $280 + tax.

- 70 (credit for 128 card)
+ 60 (sale price for 256 card)
- 10 (rebate for 256 card)
$280 actual price w 256 card & rebate (+tax)

But they only had 1 in stock - if anyone is interested you may want to call a local store and see if the sale is still on and if they have any in stock. Good luck! :roll:

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