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unclephil12 Jun 25, 2003 11:42 PM

A70 question / problem?

I bought the A70 yesterday and i've noticed that when zooming, there are some horizontal lines that flicker across the LCD screen. Some times appear to go up and down the screen a bit...some times seem like ripples almost. I'm just wondering if this is normal?


SSD Jun 26, 2003 12:31 AM

My A70 does this too. I have never had it affect the actual picture, so I never worried about it to much.

Fly Jun 26, 2003 8:38 AM


It's quite normal. Many people have noticed the same "problem". I'm told, that is a general LCD screen "feature".

stimpy01234 Jun 27, 2003 9:23 PM

I think all A70/60 seem to do that just a little on the LCD... but like already stated it doesn't seem to affect the pictures outcome :)

JCB Jul 1, 2003 1:58 PM

Mine does this too, with no effect on the pictures. Glad I'm not the only one with this "problem."

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