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pf4evr Apr 17, 2003 10:43 PM

a70 takes too long to shoot picture please help
I just bought the a70 and the only problem i'm having is when I go to take a picture of my 2 year old, who does not sit still, it seems to take forever to actually fire the picture. I've tried the settings but am obviously doing something wrong.. Please help... I want to be able to just press the button and have the picture taken is it even possible????

gaja_tz Apr 18, 2003 6:35 PM

at begining you can use AUTO program for shooting. Set to Auto, and halfpress shutter and you'll see something is going on. On LCD you should see some green rectangles when camera lock focus. If that happens just press shutter fully. Also if you are doing indoor shoots, try to bypass shutter speed less than 1/50 because pictures will be blurry. You can do that by getting more light into your room or by changing ISO from 50 to 100 or 200 (in this case you have to go to P, TV, AV or M program. More usefull informations you can find on following web site that is just for Canon users.

Good luck!

PSknr Apr 26, 2003 11:45 AM

I always halfpress the shutter release button before I shoot. Then the shutter release lag is only a tenth of a second, compared to a full second with just pressing the button all the way down. It's a little different to get used to doing if your used to useing film camera's. But it gives you the best results with digital.

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