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sambo Apr 19, 2003 8:42 PM

A70 vs A60 Video Resolution

First, I want to say thanks for all the folks who participate in these forums...I've picked up a lot of information!

I'm looking to purchase a new digital camera and I wanted to be able to shoot short video clips of the kids to keep long term. I've pretty much settled on an A60 or A70. I don't expect to print large photos so 2 mgs is probably good enough for me. So the biggest difference between the cameras for me is the higher video resolution the A70 offers.

Question: How much of a noticeable difference is the resolution when comparing the two in movie mode? Is their enough quality difference to warrent the extra $100?

Many thanks!

jaydee Apr 19, 2003 11:27 PM

If you plan on only viewing the movie in small screen ie. 2x2" on yer monitor then the A60 will be ok, but in full screen mode in a Res of 640x480 for the A70 vs 320x240 for the A60 the A70 wins hands down it is very noticeable at that res. But you only get 30 seconds of movie at 640x480 mode in the A70 due to the limit of the buffer. So is it worth it, well if you don't mind viewing the movie in a small window then the A60 is ok. But let your eyes be the judge download a movie from the web in both resolutions. And see for yourself, I think you'll pic the A70 if you want a quality movie.

sambo Apr 20, 2003 1:47 PM

THANKS! I appreciate your response. I had attempted to download the movies like you recommended but had trouble finding something in both formats to compare. Then I thought about posting the question.

I hadn't even considered the size of the playback screen. That's an outstanding Tip!

Thanks again, you've made my decision much easier!

jaydee Apr 21, 2003 11:04 PM

Sam, I'm Just courious what camera did you decide to buy???

sambo Apr 22, 2003 7:18 AM

The A70
Hi Dave,

I went for the A70 based on your recommendation. I have ordered it, but it won't arrive until next week.

Thanks again for the info!

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