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ras2a Mar 28, 2004 2:02 PM

A75, A80, Or Olympus C-725 ?
Hi guys

Ok, bet you're sick of hearing all this now, but here goes >>>

Im totally new to digi photography so I wont pretend I know 'anything' about the subject. I've been doing some research over the past month on which cam to buy and have also been reading through these forums and you all seem like a very friendly bunch. I've narrowed my choice to just 3:

Canon Powershot A75
Canon Powershot A80
Olympus C-725

I know that the A75 supercedes the A70 with bigger LCD, scene selection, 9 pt focus etc. But I think having a bigger zoom that the Olympus C-725 has would be good too. Also it has (I think) the Truepic processor so Im thinking that depite not being as good as the C-740/750, it will offer better performance/response etc. I really can't make my mind up. Don't think the Olympus C-725 is available just yet here in the UK but it will be in a month or so. As for the A80, the extra megapixel and LCD are very nice indeed, but again the A75 is 'newer' and so I'm swayed towards it over the A80. I want to spend up to 200, which I think should be enough to get something decent. I have seen both the A75 and C-725 for less than 200 but the A80 is slightly more expensive (around 230). I have bought plenty NiMH rechargeables and also have both a 64MB xD card (got it given to me) and a 1GB CF card (in my PDA ;) < So Im covered on these things

Any help from you guys would be VERY much appreciated

Many thanks for your time guys (Please forgive my lack of knowledge)

All the best

Craig (UK)

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