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Old Dec 21, 2004, 12:13 PM   #1
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I've been through5 sets(20) batteries and have only had the camera for 2 weeks. Last night I was taking pictures of our christmas tree on using the tripod. I am still learning the camera. However, I put new batteries in I was using the LCD and changing settings like crazy, however I only got 25 shots before the batteries died, using no flash. Right now I am assuming it's the batteries because they are of the cheaper variety. I got a rayovac 16 pack of batteries for like $3.50 at walmart. However I did assume I would get more then 25 shots out of them. Has anyone had this problem?

anyway here is a pic from last night, again I am still learning the camera

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get a couple sets of rechargeables and a charger. I would think you should be able to get a charger for $20 to $30, and I saw a set of 4 2500mAh NiMH AA rechargeables (I think it was Energizer or something - I forget the brand) at Wal-Mart yesterday for about $10. On one charge with my A70 that I used to have, using 1800mAh batteries, I could get somewhere around 150 to 200 shots or more on one charge.
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I second Piano's comment. Do yourself and the environment a favor and get yourself some decent 2000+ mAh NiMH batteries and a good charger. I use 2300mAh Energizers and a Maha 401FS charger and I can get around 550 to 600 shots with my A75 with LCD always on. You've got a great little camera in the A75, play with it and keep shooting.


PS- Nice shot of the Xmas tree. Only thing is that it looks like it has a bit more noise than it should. What ISO did you use?

PPS- Oh ya it's normal for you to get only a handful of shots with cheaper quality Alks. Even the best quality will only get you about 100 shots with the A75.
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Here is a quote from our section on Rechargeable Batteries:

The first thing a new digicam owner quickly realizes is that those AA alkaline batteries included with their camera are next to worthless. I've gotten many emails from folks who wondered if their cameras were defective because they only got 20 or so shots before the batteries crapped out.

Today's digital cameras are extremely high-drain devices. The batteries must power a color LCD, a motorized zoom lens, an autofocus system, the multi-megapixel imager and the associated processing hardware.

The answer is simple ... use high power NiMH or Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

You may want to visit the Rechargeable Batteries page to get an idea of the available options in chargers and batteries. You'll find links to reviews of popular chargers, too. The Maha/Powerex chargers and batteries from Thomas Distributing are very popular. Here is a review of one of these chargers:

Maha C401FS

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My wife actually got me the rechargeable for xmas, energizer 2500mah 8hour charger, comes with 2 sets of batteries (8total). My wife knows I know but she is making me wait till christmas anyway. So I thought a cheap battery would get me through. Guess I just have to change a few batteries till then. the picture has a bit of noise, I took it with ISO 200 1/3 exposure. It was the best of the 3 with the cat. I started to take pictures he came out and sat there. he likes his picture taken. but like I said I'm still learning, any tips would be appreciated.
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Old Dec 22, 2004, 1:06 AM   #6
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If you have two sets of the nimh batteries...assuming 4 is one set. Then maybe you can pop down to radioshack or somewhere to buy a second very compact portable charger. 2 sets of batteries and two compact chargers make a very powerful combination for holiday trips etc.
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Old Dec 28, 2004, 12:12 PM   #7
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I broke down before christmas and got some duracell batteries. and got alot more juice. I will never buy cheap batteries again. I got a energizer charger and batteries for xmas and love it.
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Old Dec 28, 2004, 10:01 PM   #8
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I am the custodian of the company's A75. Personally, I have been a long time user of rechargeable batteries, have been for more than a decade now. But I'd like to address your alkaline battery problem. Just last week, I had a shooting spree at the company's Christmas party using the A75. Took about 300 pictures, all set on 2048x1536 (L) and superfine resolution almost all taken with flash.Plus about 25min videos set at 320x240. LCD was always on. All are taken in a span of about 6 hours, so I've average about 0.9 pictures per minute (excluding the videos)and I only consumed 2 sets (8 pieces) of Energizer batteries. That's inclusive of uploading the pics and vids to my PC. I'm not sure how much Energizers cost there but where I live, 4 pieces is just in the range of US$3.25. And that's roughly about 180 pictures with flash compared to your 25. Btw, I can get so much more mileage from my PowerBase 2100mAh.

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Old Dec 29, 2004, 12:06 AM   #9
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I bought my parents the A75 for Christmas. I also bought a set of the more expensive Everready Titanium batteries as I expected the set in the box to drain fairly quickly. I spent plenty of time diving into menus showing them shooting options and explaining modes, taking and deleting example pictures, using the review mode, showing them how to compose with the LCD and/or turning it off and using the optical finder to lengthen battery life. All in all we shot and deleted dozens of pictures. I took mom to Wallgreens with her flashcard on Monday and showed her how to print the images at the Fuji kiosk since her computer is pretty much useless to do anything at home before-hand. We printed about 45 of her images. When I left there today the original set was still in the camera and the low battery warning is yet to come on.
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 5:27 AM   #10
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Does it bother anyone to be throwing away all those batteries from an environmental standpoint, never mind expense?
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