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Old Jun 22, 2004, 11:50 AM   #1
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i'm reading a lot of bad stuff about the A75on this discussion forum, focusing problems this, LCD noise that etc..., but all the reviews i've been reading have been really good...the only thing thats stopping me from buying this cam is all the negative feedback thata lot of this forum has on it...if anyone owns it can you please give me the scoop? is it worth it?
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I own it and so far its been great overall. A few pics not perfect but overall my pictures have been coming out good. Im still trying to learn how to use everything and havnt even really touched much of the manual modes yet. So im sure when i get better at that the pics will come out even better.Check out another thread I started here to see one of the pics I took with it that I am very happy with.

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Old Jun 23, 2004, 6:48 AM   #3
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I have it and I'm satisfied to a point. First of all, indoor images where background is further away from camera than the subject is too dark. Many people will tell you that this is due to the flash not being able to illuminate the whole scene, the further, the darker. AThat is true in principle but strangely, my older, crappier, obsolete digtital camera never did that, the whole scene looked bright as if I was outside. Anyway, I imagine there are a few reasons for this, and I'm pretty sure all newer cameras which are better quality have this to some degree. After all, look at film, it's the samething. All in all, buy the camera, you have 2 weeks to return it no questions asked. So do all the possible tests you can do, and see if it meetsyourstandards. This is the only way to know becasue what'sgreat for one person may be crap for someone else. I will give you a head's up on one important thing for indoors,always use flash, always.Whenviewing the picturein the little lcd, one is easily fooled they have a picture with no grain in perfect focus, but when you view it on your computer, you realize that what you thought was a perfect shot is suitable for the recycling bin. This is almost alwaysdue to a slower shutter speed, and a higher ISO to compensate for the lack of suitable light. Secondly, the image may look slightly brighter in the lcd than it actually is, a shot that looks washed out may not be once downloaded. good luck, and let us know
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yea i notice that too the pictures always look different on the LCD for some reason. They often look brighter then they actually turn out to be. Its odd.
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Old Jun 23, 2004, 11:16 AM   #5
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I own an A75 and I can shed you some lights about the camera and the issues people have been talking about. First of all, the camera is not perfect. The noise level is high when compared to A80 probably due to the smaller CCD size. However, A75 has probably the best combination in terms of picture quality and functionality in the 3MP point and shoot class. The grain that people are talking about usually happens when the shutter speed is used between 1.3 - 1/60 second as there's no noise reduction applied and the picture could be quite grainy if ISO 100 or above is used. For night shot with 1.3 sec or longer shutter speed is used, the noise isn't really that much.

Since the LCD of the camera is so good, yes, the picture does look better when viewing with the LCD than on the computer. But once you know the correct setting, you won't be fooled by the LCD anymore.

The reason why the background usually turns out dark when shooting an object with flash in a dark environment is because when the flash is used, the camera tends to use a fast shutter speed in P or Auto mode to avoid hand shaking. If you use a shutter priority mode or manual mode to lower the shutter speed a little, the background will turn out brighter. Many cameras today do the same thing but luckily, A75 offers enough manual control so that you can get around the problem easily.

After all, I think A75 is a very good buy for a 3MP camera. I highly recommend it.
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Old Jun 24, 2004, 6:23 PM   #6
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I own the A70, which is virtually the same as the A75. So far it's proven to be a great camera. Here are some general pros and cons I have.

1) Sometimes when zooming in at the macro level, it's difficult to know when you should enable the macro option (to focus). The LCD isn't clear enough to really tell you until after you take the shot. This occurs around the borderline between focused and blurred.
2) ISO settings 100-400 generate noticeable noise. I force myself to use an ISO of 50 while adjusting the aperture or shutter speed for proper exposure. In dark or shaded environments an ISO of 50 doesn't cut it and using 200 or 400 really destroys the potential for high quality images.
3) The camera tends to take about ½ – 1 second to focus before shooting the image; even on manual mode. This makes it hard to take quick random shots.
4) I've seen and used the A75 and I personally think the new interface design is bad. The back digital pad is circular (rather than button-based like the A70). Sometimes navigating around menus with it is difficult. I tend to press it on a diagonal and the camera doesn't understand my input.
5) Cyan chromatic aberration seems to be a problem along the edges of objects that have a saturated background (such as the sky).

1) Battery life is amazing. I can take 400+ (highest quality) photos on a single set of batteries.
2) The manual mode is a godsend. I tend to use the manual mode 99% of the time. I find the best shots come out when I specify the shutter and aperture settings for the situation. It's one of the features that really make the camera useful. Auto and Program modes do a decent job, but in extreme situations (really bright, glossy, or really dark) it tends to fail.
3) The lens adapter is another godsend. I own a tele-converter to take close-ups and I can also attach the camera to my telescope to take extreme close-ups or do astrophotography.
4) Its feature rich. Stitch panoramas, voice record photos, playback movies and photos, can edit photos and movie clips, built in timer, etc…

1) Picture quality is good, but not excellent, which is really reserved for SLRs.
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