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JamesDFarrow Mar 16, 2004 8:24 PM

A75 Cheaper Than A70 On Sale?
A75 Cheaper Than A70 On Sale?

O.K. The A70 is going here for $449.99 Cdn and
the A75 will be going for $399.99 Cdn.

The differences I could find by looking around are:

White Balance Overide:

A70 - 6 Positions + Manual - A75 - 5 Positions + Manual

Storage Included:

A70 - 16mb - A75 - 32MB


A70 - 1.5" - A75 - 1.8"

LCD Pixels:

A70 - 78,000 - A75 - 110,000


A70 - No - A75 - Yes

And the A75 did away with the annoying silver around the LCD
which annoyed many, many, people.

So, am I missing something? The A75 would seem to be an upgrade
but is $50.00 cheaper than the A70 (supposedly on sale as it is being replaced).

Kinda ridiculous to buy an A70 when the A75 will be out in a couple
of weeks (supposedly)?


James :D

shaunh Mar 17, 2004 11:02 AM

It looks like one of those supply and demand issues.
There soon will be more new a75's vs a70's on the market and will make the a70 more $.....


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