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Our nearly 3 year old A75 has started coming up with a strange problem. I've searched this site but cannot find a similar issue.

Basically, whenever a fresh set of batteries are inserted into the camera, it claims that the battery charge is too low, and the batteries need replacing. Initially, thought it was the battery charger not doing the job properly, but I bought some fresh Energizers, no luck. The same batteries work fine in bluetooth mouse, etc, so I am concluding that the problem is with the camera.

The battery contacts are clean. I have removed and reset the batteries and the CF card. Has anyone seen this before? Any advice (or is the A75 now a paperweight? )

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There was some discussion earlier of some newer models in the Canon A series being really picky about the batteries. It seems that what is happening is that the camera firmware tolerates only a very slight decrease in voltage before declaring the battery dead. The setting is so narrow that, for a lot of people, having the batteries out of the charger for just a couple of days before using them gives you the warning.

I loved my A75 until the underwater housing leaked on a snorkeling trip in the Bahamas. I replaced it with an A540 that went through batteries about every 30 or 40 shots. I went to Eneloops, since they hold the voltage up for longer, and I am much more satisfied with the camera. You can try them and if they work you save the camera, if not you have a good set of batteries for your next camera. Sounds like you have done all the reasonable things to fix the problem. It is a mystery to me why the camera would have changed its behavior towards batteries, unless it has an internal problem resulting in either a major power drain or a mis-read of battery voltage.
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You might want to try a fresh set of Alkaline batteries, since they have a higher initial voltage.
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Hi all,

Problem solved. It seems that the rechargeables we bought with the camera (about 3 years ago) were not quite charging to their peak capacity, and the non-rechargebale batteries I was putting in were not good quality alkaline... a fresh set of rechargeables later, and we are happy again.

Thanks for the pointers on this; buying an extra set of batteries was a lot cheaper than quote/repair or replace.


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