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Hello folks,

Need your help, I borrowed an A75 for a night on a boat cruise and tried to take some pictures with it. I found that the auto-focus was very slow at night. I would press the button and have to wait 1 or 2 seconds before the camera would take the picture. When there was day-light it was fine.

I checked if I had the timer on and I didn't.

Is this a common problem for the A series of cameras? I read the reviews and most seem to say the focus speed is average but I don't think 1/2 second delay is average...

I ask because I am thinking about getting an A95 for myself but if this is a common problem I will look elsewhere or was there a setting I turned on by mistake or didn't turn on.


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I own a A95 and in general am very pleased with it. All the modes and manual adjustment possibilities are great. The mode button allows quick changes between modes without having to navigate any menu's (but this is totally besides the point :G).

Mentioning the focus, I find that in almost every case it is necessary to half-press the shutter release button before taking the actual picture so the auto focus can lock. When you then push the button all the way down, the picture taken is almost instantaneous. Once you get used to using the camera in this fashion, the shutter speed is fast enough for most photographs. My wife, however has some problems getting used to this way of taking pictures, and has cursed the camera on numerous occasions :-). I am now trying to educate her on the use of the button.

The problem with the shots you were trying to take might have been that the camera wanted to use the flash, and charging the flash takes a couple of seconds. If you were taken shots in quick succession, that might have been what was causing the delay. Just a thought.


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