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If you haven't guessed from the title, I have a Canon A75 and need a bigger CF card and was wondering what speed would be most suitable. I like using the movie mode a lot (not sure if that makes a difference).

I read elsewhere the A95's write speed is about 8x, could I assume the A75 is similar? If so, then getting a card faster than that will just be a waste, right? Again, does movie mode make a difference?

Lots of sales right now for Sandisk regular (but from I've read, they're really slow) and Lexar 4x. But I wonder if it's worth it to step up to 12x or more. There's quite a price jump to 12x and more so I want to know if it's worth it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hello -

I use to own a Cannon S45 and I only noticed a difference using Lexar 12x cards when using the ultra-high speed mode (2.5 fps). My buffer cleared about 7 to 8 seconds sooner than a standard Sandisk. I never noticed any difference during shot to shot. I wouldn't pay anything extra beyond 12x speeds. Amazon and New Egg usually have good deals on a 256 meg cards, usually $25 - $30 (US). I'm assuming the same will be true for the A75. I'll know more soon - I have an A75 on order and should receive it in a few days. I can run some tests if you like. Best Regards...

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Well I got my A75 and love it. Below are the results from the test. Please note that this isn't NASA certified or anything. I measured the time for the buffer to clear for the movie mode (30 sec at 640x480) and for the high speed drive mode. I did this twice for each card and formated them each time.

Canon's OEM 32 Meg "High Speed Card" that came with the A75:
Movie - 7 seconds / High Speed - 15 seconds

Lexar 12X 256 Meg:
Movie - 3 seconds / High Speed - 12 seconds

Sandisk Ultra II 512 Meg:
Movie - 2 seconds / High Speed - 10 seconds

Sandisk (Standard) 512 Meg:
Movie - 2 seconds / High Speed - 12 (didn't see that one coming....)

Anyhow, it looks like you don't need to speed anything extra. Not sure why the Canon High Speed card was the worst of the bunch. Again, this was an informal test. Hope you are enjoying the camera!!!

Best Regards....
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