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pataffia Nov 7, 2003 11:24 AM

a80 or a80 powerplus?
hi, i'm from italy
i have a question: which are the differences between canon a80 e a80 powerplus?
i think: a80 get 32M CF (a80 powerplus no supply)
a80 powerplus get 4 battery nimh AA rechargable and charger (a80 no, only AA).
if it is so, which are nimh of battery and charger? (1600,1800 or 2000 or so on).

richardh Nov 8, 2003 2:05 AM

In the US and from what I have heard from people buying in other countries there is only one model. Perhaps the seller is offering two diffrent packages. Do they have both models from avalable from diffrent sellers?

voxmagna Nov 8, 2003 3:21 PM

The generic brand name is 'Powershot' that's what they put on the camera. I got an A70 last week and it came with all the accessories listed on the Fuji web site. The A80 has to come with a 32Mb card to make the card of any use (2Mb+ files in high quality). Both ship with AA alkalines so you will need 4X 2000-2300 NimH batts and charger pretty quick.

As far as I know, neither ships with a Canon power supply. I'd rather have the batts and charger. If you've got a reader you don't need the Canon PSU or their fancy software installed (keeps the pc stable!). Check if your dealer is including addons like rechargable batts and charger (useful), or external power unit (not so useful). If you could swap the manufacturer software for useful items like a case and rechargable batts - that would be really useful! VOX

richardh Nov 10, 2003 1:46 AM

I had a look on canon Italy's web site but not knowing Italian made that a little difficult. I don't even see the a80 listed
But anyway, this is canon italy's home page and this should be considered the official source for info on models. I am sure you can find some contact numbers for customer assistance.
Hope that helps a little.

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