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I found that the A80 had some difficulties on focus on low light and indoor condition! The photos turn out to be unfocused and most of the time it takes time to focus on the subject! I tried to turn off the AIAF function, but still the same thing happened? Any idea or comment on solvindg this solution?

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This is typical of all point & shoot digicams, as well as the higher spec models like the G5 I used to use. There are few fixes since this is a limitation on these type cameras, no matter what the makers say regarding their cameras focusing abilities in low light- I have found every model I have tried to be not very good.

It confounds me as to why I read in reports about how good built-infocusing aids work. My experience is they do not beyond 3-4 feet, especially zoomed into the telephoto range. With my G5 if I stayed at the wide end of the lens it focussed MUCH better indoors, but it still sometimes missed the mark. Unfortunately the only REAL fix is a digital SLR like the Digital Rebel or Nikon D70- both of which low-light focus circles around any digicam.

You might also try turning off the AIAF and only work with the central focusing point so you can point the camera at an area with good contrast. Sometimes with AIAF you never know what the camera is focusing on if you use the eyelevel viewfinder.
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I get better lowlight focused pictures (with the A80) when I use a tripod and experiment withthe aperture and shutter speed. Also I've read where it is better to focuson a verticle edge of an object usingcenter weighted or spot focusing and then move back to your desired shot before clickingthe shutter all the way.
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When I had an A75 on trial the other week as soon as it got dark and I took indoor shots I realised the low light focus was quite poor. The assists lamp seemed weak and unless the subject contained some good straight edges it would often hunt about and then fail to find focus.

This compares with the Sony P93, P52 and P10 which I'v used. They will all focus in complete darkenss out to perhaps 8-12 feet depending on conditions. In fact as a test I've just walked into the living room, turned the light off and fired off a shot of the fireplace (13ft away)with the P10. Perfect focus and very little capture delay for locking on with the assist system.

Of course the flash oputput is insufficient but that is a diferent topic!

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I tested the Fuji F700 with AF assist. Perfect focus in low light on everything in 20-25 m range - even outside at night. Saw nothing on LCD but images were well focussed. Sad thing is that with ISO 200 as lowest value they were never that sharp as I wanted them to be.
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thanks for your opinion. I have aanother opinion about the A80 focus issue. From my experience and experiment, I notice that in low light and indoor condition, AIAF helps in focus on different contrast subject! Althought it is not a good idea to turn on the AIAF, but sometimes it really works in low light condition! AIAF have 9 focusing point, but normal focus just be able to focus in the centre and I had tried the normal and AIAF way. AIAF turns to be imprssive when focus at low light condition! Maybe I should try manual focus! Anyone have any tips of idea on using AIAF more efficiently?Desperately need some help here! Another thing I hate about the A80 is the size of the LCD screen is too small compare to other model in it's range such as A70, A75 and A60. The 'small' screen on the A80 make us hard to determine whether the subject is in focus or out of focus. Everything on the screens shows that everything is in focus eventhough there's some out of focus! I always check the photos taken by replay back and zoom into the image! Any comment or suggestion or tips? :idea:
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