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Default A80 Lenses n Stuff

I just bought an A80 and know that there are add-ons available for close up, zoom, wide angle ect.. Apparently you need to buy an adapter as well that allows you to use any ( I think it is) 55 mm lens?
#1 Is it worth spending the money to get a little more zoom, is the wide angle good, am I limited to certain lenses?
#2 Do I need to get the adapter since the original ring turns right off. Why do I need an adapter? Why don't they just make a lens with the same thread as the original one that comes off.

Do I have all my info right?
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The adapter is just a tube that fits on the front of your camera, replacing the ring that you described. It provides a 52mm thread and allows you to attach the canon accessory lenses, or any 52mm filter to the front. You need the adapter to place the filters or lenses in front of the existing lens on your camera.

#1 - that depends on your preferences... is it worth it to you? nobody else can answer that question for you

#2 - Yes, you need the adapter to provide the thread to mount the lenses & filters on. They could make a lens with the bayonet mount like you described, but why would you want that? Then you would not be able to use any other lens or any standard filter, only the ones that were made for your camera.
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Default Re: A80 Lenses n Stuff

Originally Posted by jazzician
am I limited to certain lenses?
Oops forgot this one - No, not necessarily, but not all lenses work equally well with all cameras. Your best bet is to read a lot of examples on what other A80 owners have tried with various lenses, check out the forums here and other sites, and see what works best for you.

A lens that works well on a small Olympus or Fuji camera may work well for you, OR it may cause problems such as bluriness, color fringing, or vignetting (photos have the appearance of being taken through a long, dark tube).

Also, if you can find a local camera store that carries such accessories see if they will let you try various lenses with your camera.

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Please have a look

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