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Default A80 ...nice...

Greets from cold, wet Finland,

Just bought my first Digi... as mentioned A80... I'm quite a newbie what comes to taking photos... manipulating them is my more of my thing...

I'v been reading many articles and escpecially Steve's reviews... and based my decision on those... This site is really THE place to check when you are interested of digicams..

Payed 600Euros, including 512 CF card and nice bag for the camera (could have gotten it ~30Euros Cheaper from Germany, but if something goes wrong with the cam, it's easyer to deal with local dealer..)

Camera seems to have nice set of features, but it can make my life easy with AUTO function on...

I'm really pleased with the feel and even looks of the camera, turning display is just awesome, I can take good pictures of ME :lol: ...no honestly, it' quite a good feature!!

Did'nt have the time to take enough pictures with it to say completely firm opinnion about quality, but with ~50 random shot's i'm impressed...

My home XPpro worked like a charm with it, even without any Canon software installed ( I use PaintShop Pro 8 and ACDSee )... at work my machine, with win2k seems to demand Canon soft installed... and I did'nt take them with me... so I'll try again on monday... CAUSE CANON DON'T HAVE THEIR SOFT AWAILABLE ON NET, only updates, wich I think is dumb... but that's just me... TWAIN drivers don't work for me...

Kvick's Conclusion 8) (very amateurish! :lol: )

Price is right, camera is fine, it takes good pictures and size is compact... what more is there for a all thumbs photographer? and if I ever take more interested of taking photos and how to adjust camera right, A80 has means to it also...

(hope this aint all mumbo-jumbo for you... getting the flow to my text in english is sometimes quite hard ops: )
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Default Re: A80 ...nice...

Hi from Olympia Washington USA. It rains a lot here too but it is very beautiful.

Great little camera! You did a very good job on your English. I hope you enjoy your A80 as much as I am liking mine. The A80 also exceeds my present needs as well as my skill level.
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Hi, I got an A70 last week as a second cam, but found I could return it and get a price match with 10% difference deal and no carriage charge! It's supposed to arrive next week. I shall be checking out the colour fringing and highlight clip criticism I read in a review, although I'm agnostic to most criticism until I try myself!

The A70 had some nice features and looked strong (metal case). I hope the physically larger ccd in the A80 doesn't mean the consistency over previous models is lost and new issues arise.

On the Canon software front, it can change pic orientation automatically - so it might now be reading something special before downloading the file (compatibility ....mmm?). I usually use a reader anyway.

Hey Kvic, as it's dark and cold up your way (and not much better in UK), have you tried out the low light performance (400ASA) noise and hot pixel stuff yet? I see they do a waterproof case as well! Regards. VOX
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flylow: Thanks...


... my opinnion on low light performance: with the lence this size etc. etc. I think that A80 has farely good low light performance... I'm in search for a good FREE website to host my photos... I'll post some of my pics, as soon as I get things running...
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