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btbrown Oct 18, 2003 8:14 PM

A80 no autoflash mode in Av and Tv
You have to choose flash on or disabled. Auto mode gives a third option of "auto". I'm interested in shooting in Aperture priority and having the flash kick in if there isn't enough light for the photo.

Lacking an autoflash mode, what would be the easiest way to see that a flash is needed and set the flash mode to "on"?

Thank you.

ir Oct 21, 2003 5:43 PM

I've got an A70 and it behaves the same. I'm not a pro, but it makes sense. In auto mode you are asking the camera to come up with the best exposure, but in aperature and shutter priority you are setting one aspect of the exposure and not allowing the cam to change it. This assumes that you know something about the exposure you are after.

I suppose the cam could pick what combination of flash and whatever exposure element it has control of that it thinks is best, but it seems like there are only two options - flash or no flash. So you can test it very quickly. If you are in aperature priority mode, set the aperature to what you want it to be (or what you think it should be), turn the flash off, and press the shutter button half way to get an exposure. This will give a shutter speed for a proper exposure. It might be in red, which means the cam doesn't think you can get a good exposure at that aperature without a flash. Turn the flash on and press the shutter button half way again, then check out the difference in shutter speeds. With a fixed aperature, and no other lighting except ambient, you only have to decide between those two exposures. (Note that exposure indicators in red appear on the A70, but I'm not sure if the A80 is exactly the same. I assume something similar.)

Someone with more insight may correct me, who knows.


btbrown Oct 21, 2003 7:27 PM

The example you gave is exactly what I intended. If I'm shooting in Tv and the camera sets the aperture to as open as it can but the resulting combination would underexpose (the aperture would be red on the display), then what I'm saying is the autoflash mode would be helpful because I would not have to go through the process of turning the flash on.

Think of it in this way: there is in reality very little difference between Av and Program mode (the difference being that the user gains control of the aperture). But in the case of the A80 the camera is telling me I MUST take control of the flash as well. What I'm saying is there are situation where I want to say back to the camera "I AUTHORIZE YOU TO TURN THE FLASH ON WHEN I'M UNDEREXPOSING - YOU TAKE CONTROL OF THE FLASH, I only want control of the aperture".

p.s. I own other cameras that do provide autoflash in Av and Tv mode - for people like me that don't know what they are doing :)

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