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HiltonP Mar 17, 2004 10:16 AM

A80 photo stitching question
re. The CANON A80 . . . I'm trying to take panoramic photos, using the PhotoStitch dial selection, but canting the camera over 90Deg, i.e. to get greater height. The camera refuses to take the photo. Do any A80 users know how to get around this?

Regards, HILTON

hoerby Mar 22, 2004 6:20 PM

stitching manually
hi - stitching manually :idea:

i did taking panoramaphotos your way, by turning my A70
but using your stitching assistand is unneccesary...
in auto, or programm mode, you can use mor settings, and you have a besser view area on the small display. :arrow:

Just look out of the window, and take some panorama series
the first fom left to right with great steps, the second one with only small turning.
You will not have the Stxxxxx (?) file name, the stitch programm use, but you can drot these fotos manually into your stitch application on PC (probably you have to turn the images 90degr.)

:wink: in the end:
try without asssistent,
just try and practice, your third try will be an high res, high quality panorama image

probably visit or for my panorama images

greetings :D

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