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badjac Dec 20, 2003 6:56 PM

A80 PowerShot Auto Flash Problem
I recently went bushwalking in a nearby sub-tropical rain forest.
There were many shots of pristine flora but struck a problem in that in auto mode, the flash kept going off when I didn,t require it!

As I had already gone through one set of rechargeable batteries but had plenty of shots left (256 mb of CF card), I was anxious to conserve battery power.

I thought the easy solution was to use the view finder rather than the LCD, but then you aern't told by the camera when flash is made non-operational. So I had to use the LCD. Even then, I'd forget to prohibit the flash, as there was often a period of time between takes, and you turned off the camera and put it away as some of the country was pretty wild.


Is there a way to keep the flash off in settings?

Tony :?

greenfieldja Dec 23, 2003 1:19 AM

I just got my A80 a couple of days ago and while I have not run into your particular problem I ran into a similar one...
When not in the Auto mode when you turn the camera on and using the optical viewfinder with the lcd display closed (facing into the camera) you can not turn the flash on, even when you toggle the flash button. The only way that I have found to turn the flash on this instance is to open the lcd display toggle the flash and then shut the lcd display. Perhaps this method will work for you. I could not gauge from your post how critical timing is from the time you pull out your camera to the time you fire off the shot. If timing is not critical (where your subject remains relatively still) such as taking pictures of the flora, this might workout. On the other hand using the flash tends to givea flatter image, perhaps the answer is to use one of the other settings where you could slow down your shutter speed or open up the aperature manualy so that you don't need to use the flash. In conjunction to the above try raising the ISO setting, I understand that ISO 400 tends to exhibit a lot of noise, but ISO 200 might work well in your application.

greenfieldja Dec 23, 2003 12:17 PM

Ok found your answer
Here is what to do....

1. Swithch to one of the custom setups (C1 or C2)
2. Toggle the flash to the option you want (flash/autoflash/off)
3. Push function and set the options to exactly how the camera is set up in the full auto mode.
4. Push menu and set the options to exactly how the camera is set up in the full auto mode.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the menu window and save the settings to whatever custom mode your dial is set to.

while you are out hiking keep the camera on the appropriate custom dial setting. When you turn the camera on the flash will be in what ever position it was in when you saved the settings.

Hope this is helpful.

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