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rakr Oct 3, 2003 4:25 PM

A80 in stock $356.00
A80 in stock at Dell for $356.00

I purchased the Canon Powershot A80 From Dell Small Business today.
The Camera is in stock but not listed on their website yet.

If you call Jeff (1-800-456-3355 Ext 40141 5776) at Dell Small Business and mention "dp review" he will discount the price to $356.00 plus your local tax and include free shipping.

frank_t Oct 4, 2003 12:55 AM

If you got one tell us about it....what are it's Pro's and Cons so far?


rakr Oct 4, 2003 10:16 AM

I ordered this camera from Dell yesterday afternoon so it will take a few days to ship. I posted this info because I figured some people would be interested to know that this camera is now available.
I've been checking C/NET linked retailers to see if they had the A80 in stock and Beach Camera listed it in-stock, so I called, and was assured that this camera was in-stock and ready to ship.

I called Dell to see if they had the A80 in-stock, because as of yet it is not on their website, for I had a Dell Small Business 20% off S&P e-mail coupon. I was told it was in-stock, but they would not accept my coupon because it's only for online puchases. Instead, they offered to reduce thier price of $386.xx by 7.5% to $356.00.
I was told that camera is being sold as a kit, including a case.

I mentioned to the salesperson that this camera had quite a buzz on some of the photography forums and he gave me his name, number, and extension to post and said he would give the same price to anyone who mentioned the forum ( dp review ) I told him about ( sorry, but that was the first to come to mind ), thats why I posted this.

mrow Oct 5, 2003 11:36 PM

I called Dell this morning and was informed that the A80 was out of stock. I had the impression the order could still be placed, however.

10-7 Update: I did place my order with Dell, got A80 camera, 256mb Sandisk CF card, plus the A80 kit evidently includes a case but I have not seen it (the case) so can't describe it, no idea. I'll still probably have to buy a pouch. The price definitely seemed fair, and was discounted. I usually don't buy things without actually holding or seeing the item first hand, so I have some reservations. I know it's a little larger than A70, not good. Hopefully not too much larger/heavier. I think the A70 will need a price drop unless I'm missing something.

10-8 Well they shipped the single Sandisk CF 256 card but the cam is backordered. Go figure. They might as well have waited and shipped them together. Dell is advertising 10% off on accessories like digital cameras. Shipping was free but I do not know if that is a limited offer or something they do all the time.

I don't know how it works to have a digicam tumble and bounce its way across the continent to my home in California, whether it arrives as perfect as when it left the point of departure, etc, or whether everything's a bit cockeyed. I'll try to keep you posted.

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