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Default A80 - Two questions - Focus and flash

Firstly, when I change the zoom I find that the image appears to refocusses by itself. When I then press the shutter release it refocusses again even though according to the LCD, it's already in focus. Pressing MF twice really quickly to put it in manual focus mode locks the focus where it is but the two presses must be close together and it's not a 'nice' way to do it. I was wondering if there is any way to keep the focus it chose after adjusting the zoom so that I can take a picture immediately when pressing the shutter release rather than having to wait for the camera to refocus again?

Secondly, I found the pre-flash to be timed perfectly such that the main flash fires exactly when people blink. When using the flash, is there any way of adjusting the pre-flash to main flash interval?

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I have the A70, but I believe the same is true for the A80. Looks like when you change zoom, the image doesn't refocus itself even if sometimes it seems sharp on the LCD, so it needs time to refocus again. Thanks for the idea to press MF twice quickly - it does seem to start the manual focus with the value it had in the automatic mode, although it's not always accurate.

I don't think there is a way to change the pre-flash interval. The camera uses it to adjust the shutter speed, apperture, and flash output, so the developers obviously just tried to make it as short as possible. In fact it's so short I don't believe people have time to blink by the time the main flash fires. What you mean might be the red eye reduction beam, and it can be turned off. There is no sense to reduce the interval in this case, because the eye pupils need time to contract.
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Forgive me if I am missing the obvoius, but did you miss the focus lock feature (I'm not sure what you are trying to do). I also have an a70, but try this (and if you are aware of this, please forgive). Aim at what you want to shoot, half press the shuter so that the camera focuses and gets an actual focus on it. While you are still holding the shutter button half pressed, press the mf button once. The camera will switch to manual focus with the focus preset at the distance you were focused at. You are now in manual focus mode with the focus preset to the distance that you focused on the first time you half pressed. You may now half press as many times as you like. It will stay at that focus distance and will only set exposure (unless your are in manual mode). It will not try to refocus and will lock much faster.
I am not sure that this will help you either, but unless I am mistaken, in manual mode, there is no preflash. I have tried to visually test this, and while the camera was pointed away from me, I am still quite blind. Still, I do not think there is a preflash in manual mode.
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Thanks, richardh! I've tried what you said and it works! I'm only surprised it's not described in the manual (at least, I don't remember I've seen it there). The camera seems to focus during zooming, so it's all set by the time I press the shutter button.

I've also tried the manual mode and noticed no pre-flash. Logically, it shouldn't be there, since it's used to set parameters in the automatic modes.
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