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bboseley May 18, 2004 7:00 AM

I have had the A80 for about a week. With the exception of limited zoom, all seems OK. I tend to always second guess myself on any purchase - and here I go again. I am now reading some good things about the S1 IS. I like closeup (both via telephoto and macro) and the image stabilizer appeals to me.

To the point. I can exchange within 30 days with no penalty. Would the addition of the stabilizer and Canon optics with 10x optical zoom be worth the difference?

About 80% of my shooting is wildlife - plant and animal.

orion999 May 19, 2004 1:36 AM

bboseley wrote:

About 80% of my shooting is wildlife - plant and animal.

I think you already got the answer. :-)

A80 is a casual camera with superb photo quality. S1 IS is an all-round great camera for nature photography, at the photo quality of A70/A75. Ask yourself the question: Is the image quality or a more playful camera more important ? Go for it then!!

One thing: you need aspeedy and high capacity CF card to enjoy all the goodness of S1 IS. Don't forget to grab one too!! :lol:

marcosv May 21, 2004 12:28 PM

I own a S1 IS andDigital Rebeland just gave my nephew a A70 for his graduation.

Here's what I like about the S1:
  1. S1's zoom and image stabilization are awesome. Definitely the biggest selling points for this camera. The image stabilization really works.[/*]
  2. The S1 feels really good in my hands. I almost bought a Sony V-1, but, refrained mostly because with the built-in flash poped up, I can't get a good grip on the camera (no place to hold the camera from above and I tend to block something on the front of the camera)[/*]
  3. It's movie mode is the best I've seen yet. Movie mode isn't a big seller for me, but, when it works this good, I'll use it more often. Fun factor goes up.
Here's what I don't like about the S1:
  1. No optical view finder. The S1's ELV isn't very good as it lacks resolution and the color is washed out in it.I noticed that the LCD gives similar image, but, in image review, the pictures are a LOT better. In any event, I can live with the S1's ELV; it's not a deal breaker. I really do like the flexibility of using an optical view finder.[/*]
  2. No AF assist. The camera does focus on contrasty objects at very low light, suprisingly well in fact. Other cameras have problems focusing in low to no light, even with AF assist flash, but, I still want the option of the AF assist lamp.
I don't know how long the batteries will last in the S1 IS, but, I suspect it's going to be a lot shorter than the A80, especially since I got the image stabilization and ELV always on.

I think the S1 is my favorite 10x digicam at its price point.

If you can get the S1 at a good price, I'd go for it over the A80. Especially if you plan to use the upper end of the zoom. I think the image difference between 3.1 and 4 megapixel isn't big enough for me to worry about it.

- Marcos

bluelion May 24, 2004 9:39 AM

bboseley wrote:

... I like closeup (both via telephoto and macro) and the image stabilizer appeals to me.
Please note that the S1 does not have a MACRO feature; at wide angle, the minimum distance is about 10cm, at Tele, it is about 1 meter. The closest close-up you can get from a object is about 5cm full picture width. (no exact figure; I haven't measured this)

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