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KandieMan Dec 6, 2003 6:00 PM

A80 vs S400
Which one would you recommend? I am young and want one I can take around with me, in my pocket... and that is where I think the S400 wins -- it is smaller and lighter. Another thing is the s400 uses a battery pack while the a80 uses 4 AA... I always thought the better one was the battery pack but it seems most people like AA's!

Any assistance in choosing is greatly appreciated!

13mur 6 Dec 8, 2003 1:58 PM

S400 excels in those quick shots, for example when the house mouse decides to make a trip out and you're watching TV and having a snack, you can catch him in a blink with the S400.

The A80 works better for more specialized shots. Every time I take a macro shot I wish I had an A80 (trying to take pics of ice crystals at night formed on the side of dumpster without motion blur is damn frustrating with a S400 and will absolutely require the use of a tripod. The A80 on the other hand has shutter priority modes and you can edit out the colors later with PS).

The S400 also is super stowable and fairly durable. I've had mine since September and it still looks new. If you like taking macro shots outside, you're gonna want a tripod unless you have super steady hands (I'm a lil twitchy).

Good luck to you on finding one now though, supplies are sorta dwindling on both those cameras from the holiday season (especially the S400).

-Lemur 6

KandieMan Dec 8, 2003 2:24 PM

Well I bought the S400 yesterday! Can't use it until christmas day though, heh

el-diablo666 Dec 11, 2003 11:55 AM

Enjoy the new S400 (wise choice) .. I got one last week and it's superb .. really light and compact. I have to agree with 13mur 6 .. the low light shots are iffy ..

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