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Hi All,

Yesterday(29-Dec-04) bought Canon A95 from beachcamera.com. Im having a strange problem with the camera operation.

When i switch between the preview and shoot mode,i am getting aMILD NOISE from the MOTOR. On hearing this im really disappointed :sad:as it will be with anyone. But when weim taking pictures, i am not getting any sound. Only when i switch from preview to play mode,i am getting the noice for 2 seconds. Is it a problem with the Cameramanufacturing so that i need to return the camera back. Folks kindly help me out.

- CanonLover

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It's probably that it could be a normal thing for that camera, as others report noises like that for things like SD300. eg..


But a good way to check is ... hop down to your local camera store, or camera stores, and simply ask the people to grab the same MODEL of camera and turn it on. Asking folks on the net probably won't help because they don't know what the sound actually sounds like, and only you know what that sound is like.

I don't think all canons have that sound. Because my G6 is fairly quiet and smooth when the lens extends.
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 9:20 AM   #3
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When I switch from preview to shooting mode, my s70 makes a very minimal "cluck" noise. I am guessing it is shutting down the opening of the lens or something. I am not worried about it.

You can change the shutter release sound to whatever you want and change the the volume level. If I have mine off, it is silent unless the memory card gets full. Then it beeps at me. I dont want a fake shutter release noise.
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 9:22 AM   #4
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I know what you mean grayem hehehe. The fake shutter release noise is stupid hehehe. Actually, all those loud beeping sounds when I flick through the menu is stupid as well. I like to turn off most of the sounds, because it's just annoying. And probably annoying to people around us as well.
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 1:28 PM   #5
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you posted this already, and I'll reply the same way again.

"Couple questions. Do you go from OFF to REVIEW mode and then to SHOOTING mode and it makes this noise? if so, that's the noise of the lens extending out of the body...this is normal, my A80 does it and EVERY camera with a lens that extends should do the same.

As for going from SHOOTING to REVIEW and back to SHOOTING mode I get a slight clicking noise but this has something to do with the lens adjusting to the lighting maybe, I'm not sure."
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Old Dec 30, 2004, 4:09 PM   #6
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I just got a Canon A95 and it does make a small click noise if you switch from camera to play back mode. This is when the lens shutter closes (if you look into the lense when you switch, you can see a little shutter behind the glass close).

If you switch from playback mode to camera, then it could be your lens is not yet extended so you will get the same sound as if you first turn on the camera in the camera mode.

I do, on occasions get a strange click (sigle click) noise just in camera mode. This happens if I have been using the zoom, and then take a few photos then zoom again. It was during this last zoon that I hear a click in additonal to the normal zoom (motor noise). This happens right at the start of the zoom - usually when going from the widest angle to telephoto. It sounded like there is something catching. But it is infrequent and I still can not figureout what thisis. Are you getting this?
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