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I upgraded from A75 to A95 and I'm a little bit dissapointed. One main reason for this upgrade was the rotating LCD-display.

It seems to me that they have put the LCD-unit wrong way to the camera compared to A75. Usually when taking photos, I see the display from upper angle just like most people(eyes are little bit higher than the camera display) This is the natural way to look at the display but the PROBLEM is:

The LCD gets very dark and inverts its color if not hold straight, or above eye level when it looks lighter and usable. It even inverts its colors when viewed almost straight, I need to keep my eyes below the camera level to make the display brighter.

This is a really annoying thing, because the screen is almost useless unless I rotate it to a better position.

The LCD on A75 was the opposite, as it got lighter when viewed from upper angle and was still very good from that point of view. I tried to look at A75 display from the bottom angle and it too inverted the colors, I just hadn't noticed it because usually you don't see it from that angle.

Is there a manufacturing defect on my A95 unit or have they really intended to put this LCD this way. When I flip the LCD to the side of the camera, the LCD works the same way as A75 but to me it doesn't seem like a good feature, because when I open the LCD to the side of the camera, it can be rotated to perfect position and the problems would go away. Instead, now the display is almost perfect most of the time and I don't need to rotate it when opened to the side of the camera. When I put the display to the traditional position (like A75), it's awful and inverts the colors and there's no way to rotate it.
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