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According this site: http://albert.achtung.com/cameras/A80/index.html

and this site:


i think that a80 makes better (less noisier and sharper) than a95 or s60. Is it true? Because they all have the same sensor (1\1,8") but the a95 and the s60 operates with 5 mp, so pixels density is higher than a80. Because of this fact the a95 makes not as good quality photos as a80?

And if i set the resolution of a95 to 4mp (2048*1536) may i get as less noiser photos as with a80?

So what do you suggest to buy, if doesn't matter the video quality, the raw image format, and the wide angel option? A95 or s60? My main object is to get less noisier and more sharper, with one word better quality picture outdoor and indoor too.
I am waiting for your fast answers.

Best regards,
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If you are seeing noise in any of those cameras its very likely the ISO is set way too high - that oryou are shooting in very dark rooms.

CCD pixel size is important, but in todays cameras the noise is much less than what you'd find in most films. Noise can be improved by using the lowest ISO setting. Usually 100, but some cameras go down to 50. Yes, this means slower shutter speeds and higher chance of motion blur. But this setting gives the best "quality".

Think of noise being constant by area, but light entering the lens and being captured dependent on the area of the CCD pixel. Higher density CCDs are prone to a lower SNR (signal to noise ratio). Using a lower "set" resolution (4MP on an 8MP camera) allows averaging to take place. Several pixels are used to average and this results in noise being averaged out (noise is mostly random).

Also, quality is really a judgement call. Is quality being able to read the sign you took a photo of - even if its noisy/grainy? Or, would you rather have a smooth picture that you can't read?

Finally, if the noise is there, and you want to get rid of it: try ACDSee PhotoEditor or Corel Photo Paint,both areinexpensive and have really good noise filtering. ACDSee is free to try and what I use 98% of the time ($79 for ACDSee PowerPack). Corel will cost bucks, but has a few more powerful features for cloning and manual image tweaking.

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