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I went outing with friends andtook some photos at a distance (about 60 meters). I noticed that the close-up pictures were different with cameras of CanonA95 and A75, and Casio Exilim-Z30.Casio zoomed in pictures the largest while A95 had the smallest. Can anyone explain to me why A95 did not perform better? I used the auto mode with all three cameras. Thanks.

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HEre is a side-by-side comparison of the A95 vs the Casio EX-Z30:

Canon A95 vs Casio EX-Z30

Looking at the specs, we see that:

* Both have 3x optical zoom
* A95 has 4.1x digital zoom, while Casio has 4x
* A95 wide angle: 38mm; Casio: 35mm
* A95 tele: 114mm; Casio: 105mm

So both have nearly the same zoom... However, the Casio starts off at a lower angle (35mm vs 38mm on Canon). So it won't be straightforward to compare the pics between the two (since Casio has a lower angle, it will see more of the room but its maximum zoom will look less than the Canon).

One possibility is that the smaller wide angle on the Casio makes it look like it is zooming more, relative to the lowest zoom. Since 38mm vs 35mm and 114mm vs 105mm are so close to each other, you may not be able to tell which is zooming more.

Another possibility is that the digital zoom is off on the Canon and it's on in the Casio. If the zoom is SIGNIFICANTLY different, this is probably the reason. With digital zoom, the Casio will give you 12x zoom (4*3), while the Canon will only have 3x so if you see the Casio zooming four times more than Canon, it's probably the digital zoom. I don't know about the A line but I think digital zoom is off by default on many of the Canons (my Canon S1 IS has digital zoom off by default on all the modes).

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If the info Sivaram said is accurate, then normally the A95 should give u more zoom power if both cameras are placed next to each other; while the Casio should enable u to see wider on the wide end of the lens.

The A75 is the same as the Casio(35-105mm)
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Thank you, Sivaram. You are rightthe A95digital zoom was turned off. What a relief I feel now. Thank you for your help. I love this forum and have got lots of help.
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